Moscow, Russia – Located in the heart of Moscow and famously named after a man many consider Russia’s greatest poet, the Cafe Pushkin is every Eastern European’s fantasy of what a Russian aristocratic’s home and life was like in the 1800’s.

Remembering Atlantic City

Back in the late 90’s, when my family immigrated to the United States, some of my vivid memories include times we spent at Atlantic City. Although my family mainly made the trip for the beach, it was not the sole

The Traveling Musician from Belgium

Tell me about yourself. So, my name is Anouar, and I am a Belgian Moroccan. I currently live in Brussels but have also lived in Morocco, Spain and other places. I have moved around a little bit and have traveled

Architect by day, Adventurer by night

  Whenever I see Chris Hytha’s photography, I can’t help but feel his love for Philly. When describing my city to others, I have this dramatic dream version of Philadelphia in my mind. Chris has an uncanny ability of capturing

The Story Behind The Apple Ad Photo

These past couple of days I’ve been congratulated over and over again on being one of the faces in the ‘Shot on IPhone 6s’ campaign. Therefore, I decided to go ahead and share the story behind the picture (instead of