Vintage White



Summer is over but I am still enjoying those random warm days of fall. For this look, I am wearing one of my favorite vintage finds! When I first saw the dress, I knew that it was a gem to be had! I love this dress because it gives off a certain flair of class with a hint of casual appeal.


This dress really reminds me of the 1950’s sheath dresses, when the women demanded clothing that was both comfortable and classy. I really like the tight waist and length of the sheath dresses because these details allow the wearer to show off their figure without being distasteful.



I really enjoy wearing black and white articles of clothing in an outfit, which is why I chose a black hat, bag and shoes for this particular look. The white cat-eye Raybans help even out the overall outfit and also serve as an attention grabber to the face.




Dress – Vintage (brand is Rampage)

Shoes- Steve Madden

Handbag – Vintage (brand is Miztique)

Hat – H&M

Sunglasses – Rayban


For this shoot, I worked with Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography. For more info on Brandon and his work, please visit his facebook. Also, add him on instagram!



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