Black Layers

Photo by James Kwak

With the change of seasons comes the inevitable change in temperature. In other words – layers, layers and more layers! Because I am the type that gets cold easily, I am pushed to constantly add and layer up my clothing to stay warm. Most of my wardrobe consists of black articles of clothing so it’s no surprise that I am constantly layering this color.  And… I do it with pride!

Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography.

A problem when layering black clothing is that black blends well when put together. In order to avoid becoming a blob of black fabric, I always add an accessory that demands attention. My favorite accessory to use are colorful sunglasses which I find to be a beneficial way of adding color to a black outfit.

Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography

Another great accessory to use would be a belt. Not only is it a classic way to make your outfit pop, but it allows you to show the existence of your waist – which would otherwise be lost in all the black layers.

Photo by James Kwak
Photo by James Kwak

When styling this outfit, I decided to go with grey socks. Grey is one of my favorite colors and the color contrast it provides is important. If I hadn’t added the socks, the leggings and boots would’ve looked a little boring – and who wants to be boring?

Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography.


Sunglasses – A random shop in Soho, New York. No brand.

Handbag – Michael Kors Black Leather Hamilton

Dress Shirt Style Dress – Express (Vintage)

Sweater – White House Black Market

Military Punk Jacket – Tripp

Belt – BCBGMaxazria

Leggings – Forever 21

Socks- N/A (no brand)

Boots – Guess

Photo by James Kwak

The photographers featured on this post are James Kwak and Brandon Aufiero.

For James Kwak- check out his work on his instagram!

For Brandon Aufiero – check out his gallery on his  Objective Photography facebook and instagram!

Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography