Silver Lining



Showstopper….is one of the words that comes to mind when describing this outfit. I kid you not when I say that people kept on stopping and commenting on this look. I, myself, felt like a duchess wearing it. Even though the look is vintage, it felt like something straight out of a Vogue magazine.


Here’s what I love most about this look. Even though this pantsuit is, quite frankly, vintage, it is still a very classic look. Meaning that it can be worn now as well as in the future. The texture and shine of the fabric gives the clothing a feeling of couture. I would definitely wear this outfit in order to make a statement since it really is a strong attention grabber. Also, because it is vintage, it stands out with its uniqueness and you can bet that no one else will be wearing anything like it. I also really like the fact that it is a very simple, yet elegant garment.


This is one ensemble, a pant suit that was bought at Malenas Vintage Boutique, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. For more information on the boutique and what it offers, please visit their website and for new updates, follow their instagram!


All of the photography for this post was done by Magdalina Bel. I enjoy working with her and love how editorial worthy her photos are. For more information on Magdalina and her photography, visit her website and follow her instagram!



I hope everyone liked this look as much as I do! Let me know in the comments below!



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