For Those Grey Days…



Winter is here! This is the time when I start going through my closet in search of festive outfits for holiday events and parties. The dress featured in this post is another vintage find. I bought it at a size 10 and had it altered to my size. Thank heavens for tailors! The brand of the dress is Elie Tahari.


For this look I was going for a more European flair. The scarf is tied in a Pan Am neck knot, often seen on stewardesses. Because the scarf was large, I loosened the knot, going for a more comfortable look.

For this look, I collaborated with Magdalina Belashov from Magdalina Bel Photography. Specializing in portraits, Magdalina uses a distinct, creative flair throughout her work. I enjoyed working with her and am expecting to do more collabs in the future!



Scarf – H&M

Dress – Vintage (Brand is Elie Tahari)

Shoes – ALDO


All photography was done by Magdalina Belashov. For more info on the photographer and her work, please visit her website and instagram.

The location of the shoot was Terrain at Styers.

Also, if you want to know how to tie a scarf in a Pan Am tie knot, you can view a tutorial here.



Black Layers


Photo by James Kwak

With the change of seasons comes the inevitable change in temperature. In other words – layers, layers and more layers! Because I am the type that gets cold easily, I am pushed to constantly add and layer up my clothing to stay warm. Most of my wardrobe consists of black articles of clothing so it’s no surprise that I am constantly layering this color.  And… I do it with pride!


Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography.

A problem when layering black clothing is that black blends well when put together. In order to avoid becoming a blob of black fabric, I always add an accessory that demands attention. My favorite accessory to use are colorful sunglasses which I find to be a beneficial way of adding color to a black outfit.


Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography

Another great accessory to use would be a belt. Not only is it a classic way to make your outfit pop, but it allows you to show the existence of your waist – which would otherwise be lost in all the black layers.

Photo by James Kwak

Photo by James Kwak

When styling this outfit, I decided to go with grey socks. Grey is one of my favorite colors and the color contrast it provides is important. If I hadn’t added the socks, the leggings and boots would’ve looked a little boring – and who wants to be boring?


Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography.


Sunglasses – A random shop in Soho, New York. No brand.

Handbag – Michael Kors Black Leather Hamilton

Dress Shirt Style Dress – Express (Vintage)

Sweater – White House Black Market

Military Punk Jacket – Tripp

Belt – BCBGMaxazria

Leggings – Forever 21

Socks- N/A (no brand)

Boots – Guess


Photo by James Kwak

The photographers featured on this post are James Kwak and Brandon Aufiero.

For James Kwak- check out his work on his instagram!

For Brandon Aufiero – check out his gallery on his  Objective Photography facebook and instagram!


Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography

Vintage White



Summer is over but I am still enjoying those random warm days of fall. For this look, I am wearing one of my favorite vintage finds! When I first saw the dress, I knew that it was a gem to be had! I love this dress because it gives off a certain flair of class with a hint of casual appeal.


This dress really reminds me of the 1950’s sheath dresses, when the women demanded clothing that was both comfortable and classy. I really like the tight waist and length of the sheath dresses because these details allow the wearer to show off their figure without being distasteful.



I really enjoy wearing black and white articles of clothing in an outfit, which is why I chose a black hat, bag and shoes for this particular look. The white cat-eye Raybans help even out the overall outfit and also serve as an attention grabber to the face.




Dress – Vintage (brand is Rampage)

Shoes- Steve Madden

Handbag – Vintage (brand is Miztique)

Hat – H&M

Sunglasses – Rayban


For this shoot, I worked with Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography. For more info on Brandon and his work, please visit his facebook. Also, add him on instagram!



IMG_0004 (1)

Photo by Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography (@spark.mad.izms)

A couple of weeks ago, I was a co-host for an instameet called The Philly Props Meet. James Kwak (aka @kwakamoli), came up with this idea where all the instameet participants could bring any props in order to shoot interesting pictures. Prop ideas included masks, frames, mirrors, costumes, umbrellas etc. All were welcomed through social media and met up at the Schuykill Street Boardwalk and walked through University City.

Photo taken on iphone by Jay Kan from Jay Kan Photography (@ikanicphoto).

Photo taken on iphone by Jay Kan from Jay Kan Photography (@ikanicphoto).

A lot of people came out for the event and it was nice to catch up with some old friends and meet new ones. My contribution for the meet (I was a co-host after all haha), I wore a Venetian mask that my aunt conveniently got for me the week before from her travels in Italy. The following pictures are my favorite ones that some of the photographers snapped of myself and my outfit.

Photo taken by James Kwak  (@kwakamoli).

Photo taken by James Kwak (@kwakamoli).

Photo by Brandon Wyche from Wyche Studios (@wyche_studios).

Photo by Brandon Wyche from Wyche Studios (@wyche_studios).    

Outfit Details

Mask- Souvenir from Venice

Glasses- Ray-Ban

Dress- H&M

Ballet Flats- Steve Madden

Photo by Matt Bergey (@matt_bergey).

Photo by Matt Bergey (@matt_bergey).

Photo by John P. Rodriguez (@john.p.rodriguez).

Photo by John P. Rodriguez (@john.p.rodriguez).     

Photo by Jay Kan from Jay Kan Photography (@ikanicphoto).

Photo by Jay Kan from Jay Kan Photography (@ikanicphoto).

I hope you guys liked these photos as much as I do! Be sure to check out these talented photographers and give them a follow!

Photo by Jay Kan from Jay Kan Photography (@ikanicphoto).

Photo by Jay Kan from Jay Kan Photography (@ikanicphoto).



IMG_9764With the last traces of summer upon us, I can’t help but feel a little sad. Summer has always been my favorite time of the year because of the amount of wanderlust freedom I have during its months. In order to get out of my tiny funk, I decided to bring it back to a couple of decades! With a fitted blouse and a full skirt that emphasizes the waist, for this look, I am having my 1950’s American moment. The full skirt is one of my favorite items that I own. Not only is it artsy and colorful, but should you look closely, you will see a scenic, european house surrounded by flowers and such.



For this shoot, I worked with Brandon Aufiero from Objective Photography. Brandon is one of my favorite photographers to shoot with because he is so much fun! Brandon has a knack of making his subjects comfortable and his overall excitement is contagious. He is extremely talented in shooting portraits and loves to work with natural lighting. It is no wonder that he is able to take interesting street portraits of strangers. His easygoing attitude is a pleasure to work with!



IMG_9780 (1)

The location of the shoot was at The Waterworks Restaurant next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I just love this area because it gives off the feel of a European city. This location always offers a great view both during the day and the night. Whenever I am in the area, I try to stop by and relax by listening to the water.

IMG_9814 IMG_9845 IMG_9858


Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Blouse – H&M

Belt – H&M

Pleated Midi Skirt – Chicwish

Nude Heels- Aldo 


For more info on Brandon Aufiero and his photography, follow his facebook and instagram!





I’ve been thinking about doing this project for a while now and finally it is coming to fruition! I have all of these amazing garments at home that need to have a photographic moment. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a PhilaU senior, majoring in Fashion Merchandising & Management. I had been considering the option of starting a fashion blog, but decided that I didn’t want to limit myself only to a particular topic. Also, I wanted to team up with creative individuals and make it into something much bigger that just an outfit post. After some contemplation, I came up with an idea of collaborating with local photographers (based in Philadelphia or areas surrounding it) in order to showcase their photographic vision through an outfit.


For this outfit, I worked with Jay Kan from Jay Kan Photography. It’s such a pleasure working with someone on the level of professionalism as Jay. His meticulous eye to the lighting and detail is very impressive.

The location we chose to shoot in was the abandoned Reading Viaduct in Philadelphia. The graffiti and fences gave of a chilly feeling which mixed well with the outfit colors. Also, the grey raining sky helped with the overall ambience of the photo.



Blouse – H&M

Skirt- Worthington

Shoes- Bakers

For more details on Jay Kan and his photography, please visit his website and facebook.

Also, be sure to add him on instagram!


The Romantic Storyteller

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IMG_2115 copy

Witnessed by Sunflowers by Matiko Mamaladze

I distinctly remember the first time I met Matiko. It was through a friend, and it was at Matiko’s home. After greetings, she sweetly apologized for her kitchen, which she deemed her studio workspace. I was immediately entranced with this woman and her work. The various color combinations in her paintings are alive with emotion. The scenes are unique and very romantic, almost as though seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. There is a certain intimacy that can be found in her paintings, that I almost feel like an intruder watching the development of a romantic affair. One of the many things I really adore in her work, is the notable european flair. One can see these influences in the various location settings found throughout her artwork.


 Matiko Mamaladze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, to an artistic family. Both her mother and grandfather were painters who inspired and encouraged her to pursue art. “Different things inspire me, – people, nature, my mood or simple everyday events” explains Matiko in her website. When painting, she builds an emotionally charged and deeply meaningful scene which is visible throughout her work.


 Matiko describes herself as a storyteller because many of her paintings are done in series. For example, if one was to look at certain artwork in order, they would notice that the subjects grow in their love for each other with each new painting. Matiko explains that each painting is very personal. Each moment is a small part of her personal life story. A memory of some sort. She is influenced by everyday life and portrays that in her compositions.


“I want my paintings to be like dreams, where everything starts with abstract shapes. Where nothing is real and concrete and just like in real life, you don’t know where it will take you. Sometimes, you watch something but can’t really see it. then you focus on it and the essence starts to appear and you begin to concentrate on it. Just like life is full of surprises and taking us to unexpected places, that is my relationship with the canvas. i completely lose myself in the moment, and the process of creation is very meditative for me. When I’m back to reality and I see the result, I start refining it. Art is a source of my dreams and their realization.” – Matiko Mamaladze (Delco News 2014)


“Painting is my passion, escape, amusement. When I’m tired, I play the piano or guitar and sing along. Music makes new feelings accumulate, providing me with “raw material” for future objects. Stopping painting for an extended period of time is out of question- I simply lose the connection with myself. That’s why having a supportive and understanding family is so important to me” -Matiko Mamaladze (

IMG_2116 copy This summer, I was able to catch Matiko and her work at the Manayunk Art Festival, where she showcases her work. I really like these trinkets she made with her husband’s help!

IMG_2097 copy

IMG_2102 copy

Matiko is a an award winning artist- her paintings can be found in private collections across the U.S. and Europe. For more information please visit her website or facebook!

IMG_2110 copy